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Ms. Ashley Charlebois

Registered Dietitian, Vancouver, BC

Bio: Ashley Charlebois

I am passionate about helping others achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and active living. Let me take the guess work out of nutrition for you by translating science into practical strategies that help you achieve your health and performance goals – whether it is managing your gastrointestinal symptoms or fueling for optimal performance in your sport or daily activities.

Growing up with IBS myself, I can relate to people living with digestive health issues and the frustrations that go along with them. I have ample experience working with individuals with various digestive health conditions, and work closely with gastroenterologists around Vancouver both in research and patient care. As a sports dietitian, I have worked with a full spectrum of clients ranging from professional athletes such as the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, NBA and NHL players, all the way to “weekend warriors” or individuals just starting to become more active.

Please contact ( Ms. Ashley Charlebois, Registered Dietitian, Vancouver, BC ) to enquire if this health care provider is accepting new patients. Now Health

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