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Dr. Mary Ross

PhD, Registered Psychologist Vancouver, BC

Mary Ross, PhD, RPsych, discusses substance abuse and addiction.

BIO: Dr. Mary Ross

Dr. Mary Ross, PhD is a registered psychologist. She treats clients struggling with different kinds of life problems, such as trauma recovery, stress, relationship problems, depression and anxiety. Dr. Ross also conducts research at the Copeman Healthcare Neuroscience Centre on early disease detection.

Dr. Ross is a member of the College of Psychologists of BC and received her training and credentials in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver. She has over fifteen years of experience providing individual and group therapy and assessments to the Attorney General’s office, the Correctional Service of Canada, multiple hospitals in the Lower Mainland, Forensic Psychiatric Services, and private patients.

Dr. Ross is recognized for her expertise and experience working with complex trauma and PTSD, as well as delivering wellness workshops and teaching.

Dr. Mary Ross is a registered psychologist at the Copeman Healthcare Centre in Vancouver.

Please contact ( Dr. Mary Ross, Psychologist, Vancouver, BC ) to enquire if this health care provider is accepting new patients. Featured Speaker on the Smart Food Now  

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