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Dr. Cirelle K. Rosenblatt

RPsych, Psychologist, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Cirelle K. Rosenblatt, PhD, CIC, Health Psychologist, discusses the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment.


Dr. Cirelle K. Rosenblatt is the Director of Neuropsychology at the ADVANCE CONCUSSION CLINIC services includes education, prevention, baseline testing, consultation and rehabilitation. The clinic serves adolescents and adults, ages 15 and older, that have suffered a concussion or head injury from sports, motor vehicle accidents, falls or other head trauma. In addition to intervention, ADVANCE CONCUSSION provides recommendations on return to play, school, and work guidelines as well as academic accommodations.

With over 20 years of experience in health psychology and rehabilitation neuropsychology, ADVANCE CONCUSSION represents the realization of Dr. Rosenblatt’s vision to bring this high standard of comprehensive, inter-disciplinary rehabilitation delivered in leading Rehabilitation Medicine Hospitals in the States to the service of Concussion Rehabilitation in Vancouver. Dr. Rosenblatt leveraged her experience in neuropsychological assessment and brain injury rehabilitation from her inpatient and outpatient inter-disciplinary stroke and brain-injury work in the New York area., building out the collaborative model to deliver the expert rehabilitation services she has assembled in ADVANCE CONCUSSION CLINIC.

Dr. Rosenblatt, who is also the founder and director of Vancouver Clinical Neuropsychology Services, completed her Ph.D. in Health Psychology with a specialization in Neuropsychology in a joint program between Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology in New York City. She moved to B.C. with her family in 2003.

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